Wednesday, 8 March 2017


You were meant for me! Not her…. Fiona screamed at her Image. Her perfect day had turned to trash really fast. She cleaned crimson off her knife and put it in her purse. She hated doing this, but he deserved it. She walked out of her pristine apartment, slamming the door behind her.

She picked the lock to the living room, sneering at their apparent trust in humanity. She always wondered why people didn’t get better locks for their doors. She looked around the living room. Her living room. She looked at the wall paper in the dining area. So distasteful.
How couldn’t he see that his impostor didn’t even have a good sense of style or designing.

This was supposed to be her house. He didn’t have the right to bring another woman here.

This was her home, where she was to raise his children.

She walked up the stairs, stopping in her tracks midway. A screamer. Just her luck. Her steeled herself, willing her mind to tune off the moans coming from above her head.  She opened her purse and continued upstairs.

The bedroom door was open, he stared at the scene before her. The pain of his betrayal brought tears to her eyes. His head was between her legs, in a nasty way.

“STOP IT!!” she screamed.

“Jesus” They tore apart.

“who are you?” the impostor  asked.

“I am Mrs. Dede, the real mrs. Dede.”

“What the hell are you talking about” Dede screamed. He pulled the impostor to himself. “I don’t fucking know her”

“Why did you have to betray our love?” she asked without pausing. She could see the doubts pass through the impostor’s face, she brought out her gun and she saw fear.

“What do you want from us” Dede asked.

“Too late to ask that question” She walked towards them, dropping her purse and wielding her knife.

“I love you, you are everything I want but you chose to ruin our lives by bringing her to us….our lives. So you made that choice.” Tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Dede!! What is this about?”

“I swear to you Ann. I have never met this woman in my life. I swear to you”

“Shut up!” a  bullet tore through their head board, with a loud shriek from Ann.

Fiona pulled Ann’s legs towards her and Dede pulled her back to him. A tussle ensued, ending with Fiona holding a gun to Ann’s  head.

With her knife, she traced a line down Ann’s face, Dede screamed like an animal as blood trickled down her face. Fiona cackled after taking a lick of Ann’s blood.

“You deserve pain…. The pain you have caused me.”

“I don’t know you…. Please, please let her go. Take me instead” Dede cried out.

 was taken aback.. “You would do that for this tramp? Really?” with that she dug the knife deeper. Dede rushed towards them like a raving bulling, knocking the ladies to the floor, grabbing Ann in an embrace and rolling away from Fiona, who was enraged. Fiona pointed her gun at them, letting off a few rounds. Ann got a bullet in her right thigh.

"Shut up!” Fiona screamed at the hurdled figures.

“No… I have had enough….. you have to kill me first” Dede screamed back at her.

“Gladly” two shots rang out and Fiona dropped to the floor staring lifelessly at the ceiling.

“Wetin dey happen for here” two men with shot guns burst into the room. “Oya wey the money wey dem spray for the wedding this evening?”

Dede noiselessy pointed towards the of the men brought out the duffel bag.

“Thank  you” Dede  murmured as the armed robbers left the room with all their money.


  1. That point when an armed robbery is a good thing and a life saver. Opus idi okay mahn!!

  2. Lol. Wasn't expecting that. I'm guessing you wrote this in a hurry though, typos and all.

  3. Nice one opus. I have missed your stories.

  4. Hahahahahahahah psychos everywhere. Dede has a lot of explaining to do.

  5. Opus this ya small small typos na left hand you take type?

    I've really missed this blog.

  6. Mr and mrs Opus how far? Today is 21 of April we are still waiting for a new story, I know other aspect of your life may be taking precedent over this but pity us and drop something🙏🏽

  7. Anything new? Opus and ivy we day miss you o. It's been a while waiting anxiously for some updates.

  8. Anything new? Opus and ivy we day miss you o. It's been a while waiting anxiously for some updates.


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