Thursday, 9 February 2017

Night Jazz

He watched with mounting excitement as the two women clawed themselves like rabid dogs. At the back of his mind, he wondered why humanity failed themselves thus. 

Of course he didn’t count himself as one of them. They were animals; he a god. He pressed a button on his desk and immediately four hefty men walked into the scene and tore the women away from their selves. He yawned; bored of the scene already. 

In a matter of seconds, the women were lifted out of the scene. He clicked another button and his shutters closed. The women forgotten, he wondered what new ways he could amuse himself.

“I see you are bored of your barbaric wrestling contests” a voice more feline than human whispered. He smiled, his countenance lifted immediately. She walked out of the shadows, sat on his laps and chuckled. His goddess, too flawless to be considered anything else.

“You know me” I grow bored too easily. He ran his hands through the midnight that was her , eliciting a soft sigh of contentment. 

“Well I am here to take you out of your boredom. Do you think we should use burgundy or blood red center pieces?
“Ww.. what?”
“Come on darling, the party is tonight… you couldn’t have forgotten”
“I still don’t understand why you feel the need to throw these parties for people that are so beneath you”

She stood up smiling, she had heard that more times than she cared to recount. “Well darling… I would gladly remind you why I throw parties. First, as much as you hate to admit it, the world is not going anywhere anytime soon. Secondly, what better way to show off the affluence and wealth you so earnestly acquire daily? Thirdly….”

“Ok…. You are right. Throw as many parties as you want, but leave me out of the planning and what not.”

“Uhm… I guess it’s no use asking you which of these crystals you prefer.” Only then did he notice that she held two glasses in her hands. He groaned and she laughed heartily walking away.

He picked up his phone “There would be a feeding tonight” 

Guests walked around the gardens and he stood at the terrace watching them. From his vantage point, he could pick out his marks walking around. He felt the blood pump faster in his veins. Everything came to a halt when he caught a whiff  of her perfume. 

“My death” he said fondly turning around.
“I hate it when you call me that” She replied; he knew she loved it. 
“Come… Let me show you to the night” he took her arms, and led her towards the stairs. 

A hush came over the gathering once they were sighted. He knew what they saw, he knew of their magnificence. They were perfection.
She glowed beside him, her smile lit up the night. That pleased him; her pleasure bore his.

He saw the envy in the eyes of other women. They wanted to be her, they wanted all of this. She saw it too; it pleased her, she glowed even more. They went to the dance floor, and moved to the rhythm of the jazz they both loved. 

When the music ended, they received a round of applause and some of the guests gathered around them like moths to a flame. He looked at their pathetic need for attention; importance. He stood by the side of his goddess while she worked the crowd. But for her, he would do things differently. He didn’t see the need to give in order to take. But she gave pleasure to receive pleasure. 

At the signal, they excused themselves; it was time to feed. They walked into their sanctuary, where a feast had been laid out for them. He saw two protruding bellies and his hunger rose. 

In three strides, he bit down on a fair neck and felt the rush that came with feeding. She was by his side, having a fair share. 

He gave her points for creating a method that worked. He moved unto the next; didn’t taste as good as the pregnant one but he didn’t care. In less than five minutes they were done. Their victims lay around moaning. He stretched out his hands and she was by his side. Then his marks came in to clear the debris. 

“This way, everybody is happy” she said with a smile.

He nodded. Before her, he had been on rampage, leaving corpses in his wake. But her diligence had given him a way. Now he was no longer a beast. No, he was LORD.


  1. Vampires,hmmmmm! Always a way with these stories, well done Opus!!

  2. Vampires,hmmmmm! Always a way with these stories, well done Opus!!

  3. A romantic horror!
    Well come #Opusvy.

  4. Waiting for a sequel,i'll say more then.

  5. Vampires., I love vamp stories. Vampire diaries is still my best movie ever. Nice one Opus


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