Sunday, 19 February 2017

BIG BRUCE HOUSE (Case of the black soot) part 5

She gasped.

His body slammed into hers with a force so savage, she crashed into the ground. The growling thing that was once Samuel was spewing blood, the black fluid and bits of Chinyere from its mouth. The vile stuff was cold against her skin. Funke scratched, punched and slapped but the thing snarled and hissed, snatching her arm and closing in for a bite.

She screamed fought but she might as well have been hurling empty beer cans at an grizzly bear.

Eyes glazed over and empty, it pulled her arm towards its mouth.


A warm spray hit her face. She spat out something salty.

The Samuel-thing made a sound that was somewhere between a howl and a weird bark.

His savagely tight grip loosened. Grunting, she shoved him aside, tasting the foulness in her mouth, scrambled away. The side of her head caught something hard and sharp.The pain was an eight(ten being the highest on a scale). She lost sound. Her vision was a weird blend of blackspots,stars and blurry figures.

Stumbling blindly, she kept on moving.  She knew Samuel was inches away.

Strong arms grabbed her.

Funke went crazy; clawing, punching...screaming. Even though she couldn't hear her own voice. She felt her vocal chords stretch. There was a man's weight on her. The face above was blurry, moving towards her.

Sounds came back.

The sound of her own screams alarmed her.

Somewhere in the room came a series of heavy thuds. She could hear the raucous at the gate.

More thuds.

The hands were still holding her.

"Funke,...calm down!"

It was Prince's voice. Her vision cleared.

Prince's wide-eyed sweaty face was hovering over her. "'s me...stay calm!"

More thudding.

She held on to his arms and tried to steady her breathing.

But he wasn't looking at her face anymore. His eyes stared with a mixture of horror and disgust at something.

Thud sounds continue.

She felt the shivers each thud sent through him. His face was a sweaty a grotesque mask staring in the direction of the...

As she followed his eyes, hearing the snarls and rattling sounds from the gate.

A few feet away, Samuel's twitching body lay face down. Justin was standing  over it. She was breathless,holding one of the wooden stools over her head. The piece of furniture was smeared in a dark crimson fluid dripping from its edge.

Justine grimaced and drove the stool into the back of Samuel's head.


Samuel's head(or what was left of it)was a bloody mass of crushed skull fragments and chunks of flesh.

Funke felt a warm spray on her face when Justine raised the stool again and brought it down. There was a sound of wood splintering and breaking.

Breathless, she cast the fragmented stool away. Funke heard it clatter and skid against the ground.

Then there was silence.

Save for the Mayhem outside.

Sound of Justine's heavy breathing. "We...we have to get out of here," she was staring at the floor."that gate's not going to hold them for---."
"Oh God...!" It was Prince again. He looked like a man who thought he'd  awoken from a horrific nightmare only to discover he was still dreaming.

Justine came to Funke. "Are you hurt? Did it...he bite or scratch you?"

"I'm.[..fine..."her voice tapered off when she saw the shadow rising behind Prince.


But Chinyere was already on him. He spun around, slamming her into the wall. But she held on to his back, trying to sink her teeth into the back of his head.

"WHAT DE---?" He crashed her into the wall again, but that only made her wrap her arms and legs around him like some grotesque toddler.

"We have to help...!" Funke heard a strange metalic crunching sound coming from the gate. She refused to accept what she was hearing. How could she? A loud clang followed by told her the scary truth.

"Fuck!" Justine said, "They've broken through the gate.

Loud growls and feet pounding against the ground.

From the corner of her eye, Funke could see the dark forms charging towards the glass slide door. be continued.


  1. Na wah o! Na so you wicked reach? See few lines and a heavy suspense. No the drama is about to unfold.

  2. Hmnnn This one is too short ooo
    You know that you have Oliver Twist in da house!

  3. Jesus!!!! Which kain wahala be this na?

  4. Opus pls nau! Finish up this story! I'm so tensed up here. Pls Funke shouldn't die oh. I beg you.

  5. How are they going to get out of this? Jeeze .


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