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Okay, here's what's happening:
I know we haven't spoken in awhile. Guess you guys probably missed me.

Oh! You didn't?


Who Una "missing" hep?

Do I care? Are you feeding me? Abeggy!!!
Amaka doesn't give a flying f**k what you think.

I'm back. Period.

Anyway, the last time we spoke, I was possessed by an evil entity called,Olukwu the Native Doctor.

Since Opus feels my story is not important, I decided to post myself.

Who Kollupia season 2 and Rise of the Clans 3 hep?

I am Amaka.

I made this blog what it is today. I deserve the front page.


Because I am the Numero Uno Runs chick. In Naija, I'm like MMM--everyone's heard of me.

So allow me to introduce myself, I am Amaka the Unrepentant Mistress. First of her name, mother of hotness and swag, body of a goddess, mistress of the night, the best shag of your life,and money-making-vagina extraordinaire.
Simply put, I AM THE ISSSH.
Deal with it.
But right now, business is slow.


Phone rings.

Mary frowned at the screen.
She didn't like private numbers. Anonymous callers were dangerous.
 This one time, a guy called her up, screamed, "Bitch!" then hung up.
That was the thing about Anonymous callers; they could get away with anything.
Usually she would've ignored the call, but it was a Sunday, she was just chilling in her room, and  Joe hadn't called. Which was odd because they'd had a movie date for that day.