Tuesday, 13 September 2016

OPUS & IVY. Diamonds are forever.

Hello dearies.We are happy to invite you our online family, to our marriage ceremony. Yup.... Its going down in a jiffy. On Saturday 17th September 2016, all seas( literally) lead to Bonny Island...

Thursday, 1 September 2016


"Did you hear that?" John asked with a fearful look in his eyes.
"Hear what?" Chris said.  "Is there something wrong with the car?"
Then they heard it together. It was coming from the backseat.
 The cries of an infant.
John's hands tightened around the steering wheel. "Tell me that isn't a baby in the backseat."
Chris slowly turned around.
 Sure enough, there was an infant neatly strapped to the backseat. It stopped crying the instant its eyes met  Chris'. Next to the child was a large Mickey Mouse bag with the business ending of a Feeding-Bottle sticking out.

Sister Priye 2

"So...uh." I began. His good looks were over powering. "Mr...um..." "Black." He replied. "Richard Bla...