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I was losing my mind. This is what crazy feels like. I thought as I ran. What I saw in the mirror wasn't real---it couldn't be. Everything at the party was a blur. I could see flashes of myself in the mirror, shocked faces as I ran out of the house, the sound of Silvia's voice as she screamed my name.

I didn't stop running.

I wanted to get the image of the scorpion's tail from my mind. It had to be a dream. I'd had too much to drink. Alcohol messes with the brain---makes you see crazy shit. Well, since


SHE felt the sting of icy water on her skin. Her heart rate sped up, she  jolted and rattled the steel chains holding her wrists above her head. Her feet barely touched the damp floor and her head felt three times its weight.

At first, she couldn't remember the moments leading up to her loss of consciousness. Then slowly,....... images unfolded from her mind like figures from a mist: She remembered Brohollo being blown to bits, she remembered Micheal screaming, she remembered the chilly night air,  guns being pointed at her and the prick of a needle against her skin.

The dimly lit room smelled of piss, blood and sweat. There was  a single light bulb dangling above her---right next to where her wrists were bound. She could feel the water dripping fron her body. Stupid, she thought. Getting caught was stupid.

Sound of footsteps.

The faint glow of the bulb didn't spread very far. The rest of the room was dark-- which wouldn't have been a problem for her if her vision wasn&…

Lady at the Bar

He watched her fillup a bar stool. Her long legs slide across each other like a work of art. Everything else seemed to vibrate but her---as if the world around her were on Fast-Forward and she was on Pause.

He watched a guy in a suit walkup to her and whisper something in her ear. She listened, her big beautiful eyes regarding the half empty glass of whiskey in front of her. Whether she was intrigued, aroused or bored was hard to tell. She turned and whispered in the man's ear. He watched the man's face go from excitement to shock in an instant. The suit stared at her at what could only be described as fear. Then he walked away, blending into the sea of bodies, cigarette fumes and loud music.


"Sam..? that you?" I rushed up the stairs like a crazed bull. I heard the front door slam behind me so hard the whole house seemed to vibrate.

"Sam...?" Mum's voice called out from the kitchen again. I didn't need her drama, I just wanted to get into my room and shut the door. Was all this a nightmare? Was I going crazy? Had I just lost my virginity and didn't know how? ---- Ofcourse I knew how, I'd felt Joshua inside me, I had felt him moving----CHRIST! How had that happened? How had we gotten from the school hallway to.....?

I could feel my skin crawling. I pulled the latch on my room door and more or less tore off my clothes. I dashed into the bathroom, turned on the shower and just sat there, feeling the cold water on my body. This had to be a dream.

KONG....MY NAME IS KONG! finale.

Keep your guard up!"

Richard's arms were heavy, his shoulders ached. Sweat stung his eyes.


He hit the  bag with two quick combos. A hard slap rocked the back of his head.

"Hey...!" He protested.

"Too slow," Strongface's voice yelled.

"I would be faster if I wasn't in so much pain."
Another slap.

"What the---?"

Celebrity Bad boy2

I felt a sharp pain in my shin. It hurt like hell.
"Ouch!" I exclaimed.
"Are you even listening?"Renee' yelled. I sent a tiny probe into my memory files and came up with nothing. I couldn't even remember how we ended up at the cafetaria. It was almost closing time.
"So its like that?" Renee' said. "First you hookup with the hottest star since....Thor without telling me about it, and now you can't even talk to me?"


The air turned black all around me and I felt tingles around my skin. The chanting continued. I still couldn't understand the language, but I knew something was coming. The ground underneath my feet trembled and a putrid smell filled my nostrils.

"Come forth," I heard my mother's voice say. "Take this vessel." I could feel the blood rushing to my head.  It was coming. I was terrified. I didn't want to do this. Somewhere in my head, I could hear whispers. It was more than one voice-- hundreds, thousands maybe. They were calling me. They were coming to claim me.

The chanting continued.