Thursday, 26 May 2016

AFTER THE RAIN! #horrorstory

May 21st  2078.
It's been five years since the virus hit. At first many thought it was a lie; another hoax by some crazy political party to destabilise the country. But as the sickness spread, as more people died and became the stuff of nightmares, we realised this wasn't lie. Hordes of the dead scouring through the streets; killing and devouring the flesh of the living.

Law and order disintegrated into madness.

 Streets soaked in blood. This was humanity's last stand, and I was in the vanguard.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Catherine watched them go by; the sounds of their laughter ringer through the cold night.

Funny, she thought. There was a time she'd have given almost anything to be part of the joke; or at least know what the punch-line was.

There was a time when she'd have given anything to walk with them through the streets; with knee-high boots and short skirts.

 It seemed like the best place to be. She looked at the the hair on jacklyn's head. Peruvian hair was still all the rage like Iphones, skinny jeans and Lady gaga. Its funny how all that seemed so unimportant to her now.


Three months to the wedding. I should be excited right? I should be full of joy; picking out gowns, decor and caterers abi? Maybe I'm an ungrateful woman, maybe its just cold feet, --- or maybe I don't want to do this.

God forbid!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Paula knocked on the door three times. She could tell Jesse was nervous; if the fact that he was trembling was anything to go by. She stared at her eleven-year-old son and sighed; letting out a small fog into the night air.

Long pause.

She ignored  Jesse tugging at her sleeve. This had to happen, she thought; this had to be done.

She knocked again. 

No one came, and the crickets kept on singing.
More tugging at her sleeve. She ignored him and pounded the base of her fist against the door.

That did it.

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