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Okay, here's what's happening:
I know we haven't spoken in awhile. Guess you guys probably missed me.

Oh! You didn't?


Who Una "missing" hep?

Do I care? Are you feeding me? Abeggy!!!
Amaka doesn't give a flying f**k what you think.

I'm back. Period.

Anyway, the last time we spoke, I was possessed by an evil entity called,Olukwu the Native Doctor.

Since Opus feels my story is not important, I decided to post myself.

Who Kollupia season 2 and Rise of the Clans 3 hep?

I am Amaka.

I made this blog what it is today. I deserve the front page.


Because I am the Numero Uno Runs chick. In Naija, I'm like MMM--everyone's heard of me.

So allow me to introduce myself, I am Amaka the Unrepentant Mistress. First of her name, mother of hotness and swag, body of a goddess, mistress of the night, the best shag of your life,and money-making-vagina extraordinaire.
Simply put, I AM THE ISSSH.
Deal with it.
But right now, business is slow.


Phone rings.

Mary frowned at the screen.
She didn't like private numbers. Anonymous callers were dangerous.
 This one time, a guy called her up, screamed, "Bitch!" then hung up.
That was the thing about Anonymous callers; they could get away with anything.
Usually she would've ignored the call, but it was a Sunday, she was just chilling in her room, and  Joe hadn't called. Which was odd because they'd had a movie date for that day.

KOLUPIA finale

All eyes were on Zikha's mangled body.

"...impressive," Sokha said.

"You should've killed me when you had the chance Sokha," Overlord said in a small voice.

"Sokha regrets mistake."


SOUND of the alarm.

Micheal and Lucious held each other; oblivious to sounds around them.

OVERLORD leaned into the glass with a smile on his face.

Alarm continued.

"Sir..?" Came a male voice behind him."the alarm."

"Grab them both," Overlord said turning away. "The rest of you come with me."
Men screaming.

Kolkupia S2 E12

HE slipped into the darkness of his mind just as the doors opened.

Everything that was Lucious Black faded away.

 His heart rate slowed down. 

He was going to kill again.

He fought against it-- damn near causing himself a migraine,but like all other times, it was pointless. He barely even glimpsed the figure of the man thrown into the room before he lost himself again.

Micheal stood facing his son.

Done Deal



I don't know how you'll take my story. Some of you will probably think I made it up.
I won't lie, i  wish I did.
That way, people wont be trying to kill me.
Let me just start off by saying I'm not a superstitious/religious  person.
Don't get me wrong, I believe in a higher power: God, Allah or whatever you want to call him. But I've never been a church-going, bible-toting christian.
I doubt I could name the first four chapters of the Bible.
But does that make me a bad person?
I don't think so.
I believe in being good to people.
I believe in Karma.
In my life, I want to believe I've been fair to everyone I've met.
I met Efe Three years ago.
I wasn't looking for love. I know society expects most single women in their late Thirties to be thinking of marriage, kids and making cereal for yelling kids that look like you.
Not me.

Happy Birthday OPUS T.J.K

Happy Birthday to my dearest.

OPUS & IVY. Diamonds are forever.

Hello dearies.We are happy to invite you our online family, to our marriage ceremony. Yup.... Its going down in a jiffy. On Saturday 17th September 2016, all seas( literally) lead to Bonny Island...


"Did you hear that?" John asked with a fearful look in his eyes.
"Hear what?" Chris said.  "Is there something wrong with the car?"
Then they heard it together. It was coming from the backseat.
 The cries of an infant.
John's hands tightened around the steering wheel. "Tell me that isn't a baby in the backseat."
Chris slowly turned around.
 Sure enough, there was an infant neatly strapped to the backseat. It stopped crying the instant its eyes met  Chris'. Next to the child was a large Mickey Mouse bag with the business ending of a Feeding-Bottle sticking out.


I was losing my mind. This is what crazy feels like. I thought as I ran. What I saw in the mirror wasn't real---it couldn't be. Everything at the party was a blur. I could see flashes of myself in the mirror, shocked faces as I ran out of the house, the sound of Silvia's voice as she screamed my name.

I didn't stop running.

I wanted to get the image of the scorpion's tail from my mind. It had to be a dream. I'd had too much to drink. Alcohol messes with the brain---makes you see crazy shit. Well, since


SHE felt the sting of icy water on her skin. Her heart rate sped up, she  jolted and rattled the steel chains holding her wrists above her head. Her feet barely touched the damp floor and her head felt three times its weight.

At first, she couldn't remember the moments leading up to her loss of consciousness. Then slowly,....... images unfolded from her mind like figures from a mist: She remembered Brohollo being blown to bits, she remembered Micheal screaming, she remembered the chilly night air,  guns being pointed at her and the prick of a needle against her skin.

The dimly lit room smelled of piss, blood and sweat. There was  a single light bulb dangling above her---right next to where her wrists were bound. She could feel the water dripping fron her body. Stupid, she thought. Getting caught was stupid.

Sound of footsteps.

The faint glow of the bulb didn't spread very far. The rest of the room was dark-- which wouldn't have been a problem for her if her vision wasn&…

Lady at the Bar

He watched her fillup a bar stool. Her long legs slide across each other like a work of art. Everything else seemed to vibrate but her---as if the world around her were on Fast-Forward and she was on Pause.

He watched a guy in a suit walkup to her and whisper something in her ear. She listened, her big beautiful eyes regarding the half empty glass of whiskey in front of her. Whether she was intrigued, aroused or bored was hard to tell. She turned and whispered in the man's ear. He watched the man's face go from excitement to shock in an instant. The suit stared at her at what could only be described as fear. Then he walked away, blending into the sea of bodies, cigarette fumes and loud music.


"Sam..? that you?" I rushed up the stairs like a crazed bull. I heard the front door slam behind me so hard the whole house seemed to vibrate.

"Sam...?" Mum's voice called out from the kitchen again. I didn't need her drama, I just wanted to get into my room and shut the door. Was all this a nightmare? Was I going crazy? Had I just lost my virginity and didn't know how? ---- Ofcourse I knew how, I'd felt Joshua inside me, I had felt him moving----CHRIST! How had that happened? How had we gotten from the school hallway to.....?

I could feel my skin crawling. I pulled the latch on my room door and more or less tore off my clothes. I dashed into the bathroom, turned on the shower and just sat there, feeling the cold water on my body. This had to be a dream.

KONG....MY NAME IS KONG! finale.

Keep your guard up!"

Richard's arms were heavy, his shoulders ached. Sweat stung his eyes.


He hit the  bag with two quick combos. A hard slap rocked the back of his head.

"Hey...!" He protested.

"Too slow," Strongface's voice yelled.

"I would be faster if I wasn't in so much pain."
Another slap.

"What the---?"

Celebrity Bad boy2

I felt a sharp pain in my shin. It hurt like hell.
"Ouch!" I exclaimed.
"Are you even listening?"Renee' yelled. I sent a tiny probe into my memory files and came up with nothing. I couldn't even remember how we ended up at the cafetaria. It was almost closing time.
"So its like that?" Renee' said. "First you hookup with the hottest star since....Thor without telling me about it, and now you can't even talk to me?"


The air turned black all around me and I felt tingles around my skin. The chanting continued. I still couldn't understand the language, but I knew something was coming. The ground underneath my feet trembled and a putrid smell filled my nostrils.

"Come forth," I heard my mother's voice say. "Take this vessel." I could feel the blood rushing to my head.  It was coming. I was terrified. I didn't want to do this. Somewhere in my head, I could hear whispers. It was more than one voice-- hundreds, thousands maybe. They were calling me. They were coming to claim me.

The chanting continued.


Celebrity bad boy

"Hello?" I said. There was silence on the other end of the phone.  Maybe it's a bad connection,  she thought.  I was about to hang up when— "Hello? Is this Samantha?" A sexy male voice said. I leaned into my pillow and smiled.  I had a feeling this was the call I'd been waiting for.  "That depends," I said. "Are you Joe?" There was some static on the other end.  Then it passed. "Did you say something?" I asked,  pressing the phone to my ear.  "I said you sound the way you look." "Meaning?" I couldn't stop smiling.  After weeks of just being a series of pictures on Facebook, I was actually talking to him.

West and Kina

"So?" West asked. It was hard for her to stare at him for too long. His eyes held her like the gravitational  pull of a large planet. She forced her eyes  away. God! He was gorgeous.

"Are you mute?" His voice was deep and made her insides tingle-- in a good way.

She smiled at him, allowing the moment to linger. Under different circumstances, she'd have enjoyed feeling his hands on her body. But somehow she knew he'd  snap her neck faster than she could touch him.

"May I ask why you're doing this?" He said.

"Why I'm doing what?"

"This job," he said. "Don't know many beautiful women in this line of work."
"Why do you do it?"


He stared out the window at the sky. It was a full moon, and he didn't feel like venturing out. He could hear the sounds of the city; car horns,music, people chatting and a couple having sex half a mile away. The girl was noisey. She was screaming profanities like a meth-head.

He sighed and leaned against the windowsill. It was getting harder to get through this time.

He wished he could go to sleep and wake up in the dark ages again. He felt so....disconnected, so alien in this time.

He hated these interruptions. He really assumed he was alone.


Tracy was speechless.

Here? Now?

Her heart was on hyper drive. The movie was great, the dinner was epic. But this? This was on a whole new level of awesome.

The night air was  chilly, but she could barely feel it. The sounds from the restaurant seemed miles away. For her, they might as well have been coming from another continent.

She covered her nose with both hands. Not to ward off a bad smell, but simply because she was too excited to do anything else.


“Your money or your life. “ Musa said.

The girl paused over her meal,  her fork hovering just inches away from her mouth. She stared at the gun pointed at her,  then slowly turned to look at the rest of the restaurant.
All the seats and tables were empty.  Even the staff were gone.

She returned her gaze to Musa,  then shoved some spaghetti into her mouth.  She chewed for a few seconds, then swallowed.

“Why? “ she asked sipping from his glass.

“…. Why…what…? “ Musa said. The girl hadn’t  responded as he’d expected.

“Why my money or my life? “

“Huh? “

“I mean seriously,” The girl said with a shrug.


Everybody has problems. So I'm entitled to mine ain't I?  I knew from a young age that I was special. I saw it in the faces of my mother and the numerous men who lived with us at one time or another. I didn't care about what she did with them even then. She was a slut,  that was her problem. I had better things to do with my head than worrying about her. My father had not been anyone special in our lives.


She squeezed the steering wheel like it were a living thing she were trying to strangle.

How could Joshua do this to her? How could he hurt her so? There was no justice in the world, only pain and betrayal. She had given him two good years and all it took was a young piece of ass to make him stab her in the back.

Introducing Feature Friday

Hey guys, . how was your weekend? Happy Fathers' day to all that Daddies in the house. All the men in the house, and also all the ladies who are both father and mother to their children, wards or siblings.

My name is Kong 3

They must've walked for  close to an hour. Ugo took him to a part of their neighbourhood he'd never been to before. It was the Far southern block known as "Babylon". This block was were the drug addicts, Prostitutes and the hopeless came to live. There was no electricity and very little water, which meant the stink was not of this world.

"Kai!" Ugo said, covering his nose. "Fly wey dey learn work no fit survive for here oh."

"This was your idea, not mine."

"So becuz of dat, make I no talk abi?"

Richard was silent, not because he didn't feel disgusted, but because he was scared of opening his mouth in such a place; there were free flowing streams of excrement in the gutters. He moved away to avoid a young girl pouring some dark smelly fluid on the road.


Maris turned the tap, once… twice….
 Not again!

The neighbours must've forgotten to pump water. The pot sizzled on the cooker, she needed water. She turned the cooker off, and went into the living room.

“There's no water…..” she called out.

  No response.

Fred was staring at the screen of his tablet like it were his life support system.

“Fred… there's no water,” she said louder this time.

She might as well have been speaking to a coma-tose patient via sign-language.

“Em….did you say something?”

There were times when she pondered if she had made the right choice marrying him. This was one of those times.


Are you on your natural hair because it's a trend?  Or Do you actually want to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that run through your system. 
What you might not know is that a lot of the so called "natural" hair products,  contain a lot of chemicals. 

So are you truly natural?  

Bang Bang Bang!!!

Her eyes popped open at the sound of the first banging. Sleep departed instantly; faster than she could say "oh my God!"  Few seconds before the next banging, she told herself (like most people would, upon being woken up in the middle of the night) that it was all a dream; that she'd imagined it somehow. But as her heart beat began to slow down, she heard it again.


There was no mistaking it, someone was at the door.

"Jesus!" She gasped as her eyes settled on the small Casio clock on the dresser. In the darkness of the room, the figures were clear: 3:04am.



Okay. So I haven't posted in a while. I know, I know, I promised you guys that I wouldn't do that, but the truth is .....ITS BEEN CRAZY!!!! I mean, I get the feeling my boss hates my blog and is on some secret mission to make certain I don't have time to post. I've tried everything --- save for googling "where to find assassins to kill my boss" (not that It hasn't crossed my mind)


So here's the scenario, I'm on my way to work one morning, when Victoria starts acting up.

Oh! Victoria's the name of my car(long story). I just think anything that's yours, that has the propensity to act up when you don't give it enough attention, HAS to have a female name.

Enough said.

Anyway, I managed to get her to the mechanic shop, took one last look at her, and hailed a cab. I'm sentimental like that (try asking me to lend you my external hard drive and see what happens-- the Drive's name is Betty by the way!)

AFTER THE RAIN! #horrorstory

May 21st  2078.
It's been five years since the virus hit. At first many thought it was a lie; another hoax by some crazy political party to destabilise the country. But as the sickness spread, as more people died and became the stuff of nightmares, we realised this wasn't lie. Hordes of the dead scouring through the streets; killing and devouring the flesh of the living.

Law and order disintegrated into madness.

 Streets soaked in blood. This was humanity's last stand, and I was in the vanguard.


Catherine watched them go by; the sounds of their laughter ringer through the cold night.

Funny, she thought. There was a time she'd have given almost anything to be part of the joke; or at least know what the punch-line was.

There was a time when she'd have given anything to walk with them through the streets; with knee-high boots and short skirts.

 It seemed like the best place to be. She looked at the the hair on jacklyn's head. Peruvian hair was still all the rage like Iphones, skinny jeans and Lady gaga. Its funny how all that seemed so unimportant to her now.


Three months to the wedding. I should be excited right? I should be full of joy; picking out gowns, decor and caterers abi? Maybe I'm an ungrateful woman, maybe its just cold feet, --- or maybe I don't want to do this.

God forbid!


Paula knocked on the door three times. She could tell Jesse was nervous; if the fact that he was trembling was anything to go by. She stared at her eleven-year-old son and sighed; letting out a small fog into the night air.

Long pause.

She ignored  Jesse tugging at her sleeve. This had to happen, she thought; this had to be done.

She knocked again. 

No one came, and the crickets kept on singing.
More tugging at her sleeve. She ignored him and pounded the base of her fist against the door.

That did it.


An eight or Nine year old girl walked up to me on the street and asked me if I had seen her parents. I was a little taken by this; 1.  I didn't know her and 2.  she was wearing a funny looking Barney suit with weird colours smeared on the front. She looked like she'd escaped from  a childrens' lets-see-how-much-paint-we-can-get-on-our-costumes birthday party. It was the middle of the day and the Port Harcourt sun was in a bad mood. The Barney costume must've been like a  sauna in there; but the girl wasn't sweating. I wiped my hand across my dmpp skin, there goes my brown powder!


The air was a weird orgy of delicious food aromas, designer perfumes and scented candles.The restaurant was full, but as always relatively calm. Chatter levels were barely above whispers. On most tables were couples on their first, second and  tenth dates. Mariam's eyes followed a beautiful slender waitress  gliding between pristine tables draped in fine  purple cloths. The slender girl carried a tray, on it was a steaming bowl of what she assumed was soup. The music wasn't bad. Jazz, always jazz. It was supposed to be soothing. But She was too pissed off to give a crap.

" You've lost your appetite?" Richard asked softly.

She stared at the untouched plate of noodles in front of her.

"Your powers of perception are outstanding" she shrugged.

Richard sighed and  dropped his fork. It clattered unceremoniously into his plate. The music switched to soft rock.  She didn't bother looking up. She knew   he was staring at her with those steady eyes of his.


"Fuck this!" Broholo hissed. "

The sounds of approaching  vehicles.

"Cool it, Broholo." Zikah cautioned. " Just stay exactly where you are. Don't try anything....."

But Broholo was already running towards her.

"Stop, you'll step on....."

"Shut your trap old man!" Broholo  cut Micheal off. He crouched by Zihka's feet.

"What are you doing?" She hushed. There was a tinge of panic in her voice. "Get out of here, now!"

"Every landmine works the same way" Broholo said hurriedly as he flicked out a small knife. 

"If I can just replace the pressure....."

"We're shit outta luck if you get it wrong!"

"Just fucking Shut up and, let me focus Zikha"

The sounds of the vehicles were louder.

Micheal  counted at least four distinct vechicle -engines.  The soldiers would see them for sure. Even without their present predicament, a  gunfight  would be suicide. He doubted …


Very crude. Sokha thought. The boy's head was nearly cut in half by what could only have been a machete. He hated crude kills. Death was a gift that should be given cleanly, he thought.
He crouched next to the body and stared at it for a long time. The blood was still dripping from the teenage corpse. What piqued his curiosity was the boy's broken arm. The splintered bone still jutting out of torn flesh. Judging by the angle, he surmised that it had been the result of a single blow. He recognised it because he'd inflicted a similar injury on a soldier only weeks ago.
He touched the boy's skin. It was still warm. The area indicated that it had been previously occupied by twenty to thirty people.


The lights went off and I shut my laptop down in anger. I had wasted a lot of time typing out reports trying to meet a deadline and just when I needed to submit them, the laptop ran out of power and the mifi didn't have network. So I was justifiably angry wasn't I? I sat up, looking around my office as the heat descended.


Today is another Saturday, a lot of marriages were celebrated today, but there is a problem, a lot of marriages don't survive the first year. So what is the solution? Where has our generation gone wrong?


Do I look like I am joking with you? Peter asked in that icy cold tone. Hilda didn't bat a lash. She rolled her eyes and flicked her hair. In the first few years of their marriage, the tone had been enough to shut her up, not anymore. His famous Kryptonite Rock weapon had become as flaccid as soft "Fu-Fu".


..My childhood memories are full of smiles and laughter. I was doted on by everybody, and never lacked. I was shielded, protected from the harsh realities of life. My mother was a socialite and to her, life was all about status.



Broken, bodies and shattered bones. Is this my 'normal?'. The carnage  seems so warmth of a lover's hand. The stink of bodily fluids and gun powder conjugate to conceive the stench of death. I do not feel the bleeding holes on my body,....I can not feel the blood oozing from my skin. I feel nothing......I am static....a tabla rasa,....undefined. I am featureless and out of focus like a blur. Detached and yet connected to everything....and nothing.

Happy Birthday Chuks

I present to you, his highness Lord  Chuks the Magnificient. First of his name, Master of words,  Poetry King, Online Dada Numero Uno, Master of Swag, Bobo fine no be small. His words bring Kings and Lords to their knees.


He stood on the edge of the cliff. The winds were kind this evening, he thought. He felt  the cool breeze against his face. He stared at the dark trees  thousands of feet below . He could hear them whispering to each other. Theirs was a language lost to man. They spoke in tones too faint for mortals to detect. They were afraid. The night creatures were also afraid.

Something was coming for the Clans.


" Any plans for today?" Lilly asked.

There was no answer. Paul's entire focus was on the noisy Gigantic Smart TV screen. His thumbs vigorously it tapped the control pad repeated as his body swayed from side to side

More violent sounds emanated from the TV making the luxury living sound like a mini battlefield.

Long pause.

Wild colours danced on the screen as gunshots and explosions rang out. Her husband's entire being seemed mesmerised by the carnage of the game he was playing.


No response.


Sounds of crickets.

Sounds of insects buzzing in the cold night air.

They went silently through the forests just outside PrideLand. The three of them were like shadows within the trees. Micheal marveled at how fast Zikha and Broholo moved. It almost intrigued him. Like ninjas, they ran noiselessly as if their feet barely touched the ground.Micheal could barely keep up. They carried on like this for about five minutes. It seemed the serum gave them Stallion-like Lungs. Through the lens of his night-vision goggles, he saw Zikha signal for them to stop. Ofcourse, she and Brohlo didnt need night-vision goggles to see where they were going.

They crouched low into the underbrush.

Micheal felt the coolness of the leaves against his face as they peered at the road up ahead.


The drive to the airport was long and uneventful. We were silent through the journey, and my mind fleeted between wondering what he was thinking about, and when would be the best time to inform him that I have never gotten on an airplane. I was woken up by a soft shove, I didn’t even know I had dozed off.

When it was time for takeoff, I squeezed her hands so hard, he let out a loud yelp dragging the attention of people around us, but I didn’t let go. That was the second time we had bodily contact. The first time being during the payment of my bride price, when I had to give him wine from a cup. Our fingers had brushed.


I locked the door of the goat shed, not like it was worth locking. The wood was old and mold of different shades grew from it. One kick and the door would give way. But no one would dare. No one would dare steal Ibi-orubo’s goats. I swatted a mosquito, satisfied to see the blood on my leg. Glad I killed the pesky thing. How dare it perch on me, to drink its fill? Blood is hard to come by, and I certainly have none to spare. If anything, I need some blood myself.


Dear John
Your gate man say you no dey house, but  I dey see ur motor inside compound. I know say e don reach two years wey we see and I know say you you fit still dey vex  for me.
Last wednesday, I see your pic for Facebook. Ma mind cum cut, becuz I know say wetin I do u, no good


Zikha  felt the needle pierce her skin. Like always, what followed was the warm rush of the serum as it oozed into her bloodstream. To her, the sensation was slightly erotic, like being caressed from the inside. She closed her eyes and let the feeling engulf her. Sex didn't even come close to the buzz she got from this. She loved it. She listened to the busy sounds of the lab as the doctors buzzed about amidst the sounds of  the lab machines droning away.

"This is better than fucking!!"  Brohlo howled.


2204 HOURS...Kollupia.

The soldier's grip was solid steel. Lucius was roughly yanked away from the door. He had felt a momentary surge of excitement when he saw his father. He'd wanted to dash into the room and wrap his arms around him. Why didn't they allow him into the room? Why was  dad tied up? Where was Mum? What did they want from them? His excitement was  replaced with rage. He wanted to hurt them, he especially wanted to hurt the one they called Sokha.

Dad was here , which meant Mum was too. He had to think of a way to save them. It was up to him to save them.

"Move your ass!!" the Soldier barked.


I know its been awhile guys. I know I know I know. I guess the " We've been really busy at work"- excuse is kinda over done, but that's just the truth. Between work and business, we kinda have our hands full.

Trapped 4

"RUN!!" Bossy screamed, but she didn't have to as I was ahead of her. I ran blindly, tripping over roots and stems. I didn't dare look back, to check for either Bossy or the corpse. As I ran, I wondered if it was worth it. Can anyone outrun a corpse? Has anyone had to? How could a corpse be running? What the heck has my life turned into? I ran until I lost all the energy or zeal to run. I fell to the ground, hiding my face on the ground. I wanted to die, but I didn't want to stare death in the face. I stayed there tense, wondering what and how I would feel. Would it be painful? Would she claw at me or give me a bite. It was eerily silent.


Micheal hated hospital gowns. They were loose, short and made him feel old and exposed. He sat on the bed staring at Doctor Ngi. The cast on his left hand weighed a ton. He still felt a dull ache in his head. Each time he moved, the pain in his head went up a notch.

Dr Ngi stared into a writing pad for a long time. Then she sighed.

"Have you spent alot of time around explosions, loud artillery concussive blasts, Mr Black?"

Micheal said nothing.

"I'll be honest with you, Mr Black" She said taking off her glasses. "Your condition is a bit more serious than I'd previously anticipated."

From the Corner of his eye, he could see Dhamiete hold his breath.

"Tell me" Micheal said softly.


Good morning darls. Today we join Pamela Ugochi Orji to thank God for adding a year to her beautiful life.


The warriors  marched towards the palace. They numbered in the thousands armed with swords, shields and spears twice as tall as men. The men's facial features obscured by war paint with fearless eyes. Their seemed to be no doubt in those eyes. These were men going to battle, these were men willing to kill or die this day.

And so they marched on.


He sat in the corner, hugging his knees against his chest. The floor was icy cold and his butt cheeks felt numb.  The chill  was coming from air vents in the ceiling. There was no bed in this four by four cell. All he had for company was a metallic sink and a toilet seat ( which had come in handy in the past two days...or so).

The smell of bacon and eggs  filled the room.

 He stared at the untouched food for a long time.  His stomach rumbled, Father had taught him  to ignore  pain and visualise a 12 inch thick steel wall.

"You are a steel wall," father would say. "


Sorry about your comments guys. We had some minor technical some comments were deleted by accident......long story. Wont happen again sha.

ALEXA RANTS pt 4. 7days to Valentine.

Na God go punish all these men!

Can you believe it, seven days to valentine and I still don't have a man? Chai! E don reach wey I go carry my rant reach Huffington Post and Facebook oooh! Infact, I should go on Twitter and Nairaland and vent. What rubbish? Is sex all they want? Nobody wants to get to know you or take out time to woo you. All they want is; " Oya hang leg for window, ....or hold protector make we Fire down!!!" And people wonder why women say Nigerian men are not romantic. This is just wrong. I'm so tired of all this. My parents think I'm either confused or a lesbian. "Alexa," my mother said softly over the phone Last week. " If you're a lesbian, please tell me. I promise I wont judge you. I'm your mother"



Micheal would remember that sound for the rest of his life.

Time became one horrific congealed moment.

Micheal watched the side of his wife's head explode into a thick spray of bloodied skull fragments and chunks of flesh. He watched her lifeless body fall (almost in slow-motion) to the ground. He would play that image over and over in his head for the rest of his life.

Trapped 3

She looked around, knowing it was a trick. Just like the baby. But she listened carefully wondering where the sound was coming from, then she went in the opposite direction. Gracie moved stealthily trying not to make too much noise. This was almost impossible, as the dried grass crunched under her feet. She was grateful to have found her shoes. At least the cuts on her feet were no longer exposed to all the dirt.


Richard's first impulse was to fight......(scratch that) Run! He was no fighter. Even if he were, he wouldn't pick a fight with a monster like Beast.

"Richard, it's not what it looks like" Stella's hysterical voice said. "He forced himself on me.....I swe....."



Micheal stood at the balcony of the house and stared into the yard.  All was quiet and peaceful. The night air felt good against his skin. Lucious had been sent to bed early. Nse had cut off all his Inter net and phone privileges. She still hadn't quite decided on the proper punishment for his crime. She was still really pissed.


The room was silent.

Miss Kingston scribbled into the file in front of her. She seemed entirely oblivious to the couple sitting across her table. There were sheets of papers neatly stacked on her left, next to the tiny  tag that said "Head Mistress".

She stopped scribbling and stared into the file for a few seconds. It was difficult to determine the size of her eye balls through the goggle-sized glasses she was wearing.


She stood up slowly, trying to trace the cries. She turned around and walked towards the sound. she had lost her shoes while running, and her feet were bleeding. She walked with a limp and tried to be as noiseless as possible.


Gracie woke up with a start. She felt pain in a thousand places, of and something hard was pressed against her back. It hurt like crazy. But of all the pains, her head topped the charts.Then she remembered being struck on her head and falling to the ground. Her last thought had been her baby. She had been on her way to the day care, to pick her up. She tried to move, but her body felt heavy. She couldn’t move any of her limbs.


They stared at the ceiling in silence. There was actually nothing to say. John's mind orbited around a single question over and over again.: Why the f**k did I let that happen?" For the life of him, he couldn't give a satisfactory answer to that question other than; he was horny....and he just wanted to.


"Impossible....."  The Kulgan hissed at the Elemental.
Everyone stared in shock.
Bonhye's radiance was unearthly, even the blade  seemed to glow like a distant star in her grasp.
" You will not win this time" the Kulgan snarled. "I am Tyrohk. The last of the Superior Race. Rahbrocs, Kill her!!!"
With the ferocity of  wild beasts, the  Rahbrocs  charged at the elemental.  Bonhye took a strange fighting stance as the monsters swarmed all over her. In seconds, even her light was eclipsed  by scores of the dark creatures.
Long pause.
"We're f**ked!" Muuaji heard her own voice whisper.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! opustjkwrites.

It's been a year already? Wow!!! It's amazing how time flies (and yes, its been fun). Learnt a lot from blogging these past months. It's really true what they say, "You'll never know until you try." It's been an amazing ride. Can't say I haven't loved it. It's been suuuuper!!! The feed back has been epic. It's shocking to recall that opustjkwrites is just a year old.


Adele walked into the house, trying to keep her face neutral but she was angry…. Very angry. Her mother was in the living room peeling egusi and watching a soap opera when she swiftly went into her room. She knew her mother would shout on her for days, when she realises that she had broken yet another bucket, but she didn’t care. That silly girl deserved it.


A series  of explosions occurred around the court yard. Multiple ruptures took place, throwing clouds of dust, debris into the air.

Men were flung from the ground, screaming as their bodies were torn to pieces by rocks. The first Rahbrocs broke through the surface. The sight of these monsters  tremored the insides of every sword-wielding man.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!2016 is here at last

2016 is here!
The year of prosperity, the year of fantastic weddings, the year of beautiful children, the year of New Jobs and businesses, the year of break throughs and miracles, the year we find out if John Snow is alive or dead (I'm especially very curious about that one.....sue me!)


Ada gathered her nightgown about her. She felt her heart pounding inside her chest.

More banging at the door.

"UNA NO WAN OPEN D DOOR???" Came a harsh male voice from the other side of the door.

"Jesus!" She heard her husband exclaim from behind her. " you think its armed r..robbers?"

"No Simon, its Jehovah's Witness pounding at our door at 3am in the morning."

"Are you mocking me?" He whispered back defensively.