Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Her footsteps echo down the hallway, the hostel is silent. She turned left towards the doors praying it does not screech. She really didn’t need to drag the matron out of slumber, although that woman slept and snored like a dead horse. But she was taking no chances.
Adanma pushed the door gently, and it swung open slowly. She felt the fresh air of the night hit her face, and took in a deep breath. She shut the door carefully, and stretched out her tired bones which ached from hiding in a locker since after prep. She hoped her cover had not been blown in her own hostel, because being in a mess with her matron was not what she needed at this time.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

JANE DOE episode 3

The Organization had taken the four of them into another well lit  large room with an assortment of weapons.

"F**k me!!"Samuel had exclaimed,staring at the weapons  like  a child in a candy store.

Victor didn't like the man.To him mercenaries were scum.Any soldier who fought for money was  worth as less as the  filth of a cockroach's stomach.

Monday, 28 September 2015


Lily lay silently on her bed.

She didn’t move when Felix walked in. Maybe she either didn't notice, or she didn’t care.

He stood at the doorway, wondering what could be eating his wife up. She had been acting strange since he came back from work.

That time of the month,maybe.

“Cherie” he said in a soft tone.She turned her face towards him.

“What's the matter?” he asked. He moved to sit on the bed.He placed his hand on her feet.

“There's no problem”.

 She withdrew her feet from his palm.


He sighed and sat still beside her.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

OLUKWU the native doctor 7

Farting sounds.


More farting sounds.

The native doctor moved around the little hut with an angry expression on his face.He either didn't hear the Voice of the spirits or was simply ignoring it.

He paused for  a few seconds then let out a very loud fart.

OLUKWU!!!Said the angry voice of the Spirits.

"Ekwa!what is it?"Olukwu snapped."Did I call ya name?"

He Pulled vigorously at an earlobe"Respect yaself oh!Respect yasef.Unless you want Mammy Water to hear our voice this morning"

He continued searching the hut,sorting through sections he'd been through before.

More farting sounds

Saturday, 26 September 2015


Day time.

Darkness gives way to light.

In an ideal world,the vermin would've scuttled into their dark holes waiting for night.

But this wasn't an ideal world.It was a f**ked up place that had someone like me in it.

I stared at my left hand.It still ached from the bullet I'd snatched from the air the night before.

What sort of human could do that?

Was I even human?

Why couldn't I remember who the f**k I was?

I had spent the rest of the night prowling aimlessly through the sinful streets.

I was a nameless face amongst a sea of faces.

I could hear voices and sounds from miles away.They were all mixed together in my head like some f**kup symphony.

I just wanted to be alone.I just wanted to figure this out.

I managed to find the rooftop of an abandoned building.It was peaceful,less noise and s**tty voices to hear.The air up there was clearer....cleaner.

My instincts warned me to stay hidden.


I had no f**king clue.I just had a feeling that I should be careful.There was someone out there searching for me.

I had to figure this out.

Thursday, 24 September 2015


Wait wait lemme get this straight.I go quiet for a while and I don't get so much as a where's Amaka sef on this blog?I'm guessing since Rise of the Clans,Amaka's yesterday's news abi?

HA!!!(I laugh in seeeeeeerious Ogoni).Like I would even care if you guys asked after me.


Now,to the gist of the day....Oh!Silly me.I forgot the newbies on the blog.My name is Amaka,AKA the Unrepentant Mistress,First of her name.Africa's No.1BadGirl,The Mistress of the Kamasutra and of the Night, the Numero Uno of Runs-Chicks.Bow to me now,and I will ensure your husband/boyfriend returns him tonight.

(Laughs Hysterically)

It feels sooooo good to be back!

Saturday, 19 September 2015


The night is scared of me,...and I think I know why.

All the Vermin came out like cockroaches after the lights went out.

I heard the city around me.It was a  symphony of Rock Music,Bad traffic and loud voices.

My alley was an accumulated filth of bodily fluids and stinking feaces.

My bed was a couple of newspapers spread across the hard cold ground of the alley.It wasn't the Four Seasons,but it was a place to rest my head.

I closed my eyes.But sleep was a seasoned Prostitute who never came no matter how hard I tried.

Friday, 18 September 2015


"On your marks....."The Parrot called out. They were poised at the starting line.

The Tortoise eyed the Hare.

"Mighty Tortoise,Mighty Tortoise!!!"

The crowd was chanting.

"Do you hear that?"The Tortoise said.

"That is the sound of my victory".

"Mighty Tortoise!Mighty Tortoise!"

The surface of the road burned with the intensity of the Mid-day sun.

"Once I am king,"The Tortoise said."I will make sure the Hares starve to death"

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


The Hare lay on the forest floor staring at a bunch of noisy ants going about their business.
It was another Monday morning.And like all Mondays,he felt numb.

The sun was shining in the sky, birds in the trees were singing Praise songs to the almighty Tortoise .

"All hail  Tortoise!The swiftest,wisest of all animals.Rise up and bask in his Magnificence......!"

And on and on the song went.One heart breaking verse after the other.They hurt his long ears and each word was like a bee sting to his body.

The ants tripled in number as the minutes grew by.They rallied around a small piece of fruit.No doubt an offering to their "Great King".

He heard the sound of hopping behind him.To be frank,he had actually   smelled her fur whilst she was yards away.He didn't even bother getting up.

What was the point?


First off,I want to say thank you for joining me on the Rise of  the Clans adventure.To be fair,I had no Idea anyone was going to like it.If you've noticed,I've been experimenting with genres to find my strengths.And I really enjoy fantasy.There's so much room for creativity.
But enough about that.
Writing ROTC was fun....and exhausting.
Why do I say that?Because from when I wrote the first part,I had no idea what the others were going to be like.

Saturday, 12 September 2015


"Surprised Fhuro...?"Amira said flipping the sword in her hand.Mallish rose to his feet and stood beside Amira.

"I gave the Warlock a choice...."She said,stroking the back of Mallish's head almost lovingly.

".....serve me or die....Guess which one he picked?"she smiled.

Fhuro glared at the warlock.

" f**king two faced..."

"Silence!!!"Amira commanded,cutting off his words with a wave of her hand.An invisible force lifted Fhuro's body off the ground,and violently flung him towards a nearby pillar.The side of his ribs smashed into the marble, sending a sharp lightening bolt of pain into his body.He fell to the ground,groaning in agony.

"The Clans rejected and scorned me for centuries.....!!!"He heard Mallish's voice scream.

" think I care what happens to them???"

"....WE TRUSTED YOU.....!!!"Fhuro spat as he held on to his side .

"...Tonhye and Tsunda...."

"...Are both dead!!!"Amira interrupted him casually.

" might as well have killed them yourself since you are so weak to wield this weapon"Amira said admiring the Kulgan sword.

Long pause.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


"Last warning,Wizard.Stay out of my way"Lord Obih said in a deadly tone as his hands continued to glow.

Lord Rha threw some wild gestures into the air as the entire corridor trembled and  a large chunk of the adjacent wall broke free from its place and launched itself at the High Wizard and Leratu.

Lord Obih swiftly threw his glowing hands in the air and the large concrete exploded in a thunderous blast a few feet from him, sending fragments of granite and pebbles in all directions.

Leratu ducked behind the High Wizard as flying bits of debris narrowly missed her head.

"Do not insult a Grand Master with Peasant Magic,"Lord Obih snarled as he removed dust  from the fabric of his robe.

"You are no Grand Master of Mine "came the Xorgian wizard as he unleashed a ferocious blinding fire ball. The High Wizard swiftly crossed his arms.His body absorbed the fire ball,but the impact of the assault sent him skidding backwards and colliding into the startled Leratu.The High Queen was violently knocked to the ground.

In desperation,Lord Rha launched a series of fire balls that met with the same fate.

The High Wizard stood smiling at him...unharmed and unfazed.

Long Pause.

Saturday, 5 September 2015


High-Pitched Shetani shrieks, shields shattering,Claws tearing through flesh,blood sprays everywhere,screams of dying men....and their  horses.

King Kurahye stood in the midst of a hurricane of vicious  violence, gore and a whirlwind of carnage.

Sweat beads stung his eyes as blood dripped from his face.His armor was dented and torn up in many places.

He saw one of the creatures tear the arm off a screaming soldier.

There are too many of them,he thought frantically as more of the dead rose to become Shetani.

There  are too many of them.

Friday, 4 September 2015


Why the f**k am I so dizzy?"Tsunda said as she rolled on the ground.

"It will pass...."She heard Mallish's voice say.

"Travelling through a portal for the first time,can be jarring."

As the fog in her head dissipated,more details became clear.They were in a forest again,in another clearing.But this was a different forest.The tree trunks were dark and the leaves were black.

The misty air was thick with a stench she could not identify.

" brave and never doubt....."

Tonhye's words still echoed in her head.

Fhuro was still steadying himself from Portal travel when Tsunda came at him.

He felt a vicious blow to the side of face.The impact threw him to the ground.

"You stupid F**k!!!"came Tsunda's angry voice.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


"This is unacceptable!"Leratu spat.

" should have done something"

"What would you have me do,attack her and Lord Rha there and then?"The High Wizard asked.

They were alone in her tower.

"Are you High Wizard by Title alone?"She glared at him.

Sister Priye 2

"So...uh." I began. His good looks were over powering. "" "Black." He replied. "Richard Bla...