Sunday, 30 August 2015


Hi guys, first off, I want to say you guys have been really really awesome, being patient and waiting for posts. Its been fun, I wont deny it, crazy fun and the adventure still continues.

Four stories from this blog have been made into e-books, Brown eyes, 3:15,Kollupia and Rise of the clans, on Kindle and wattpad.

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To all those expecting Sunday Erotica, sorry O, abeg O..... ehen.

Let's talk about sex. Now don't look at me like that..... I know what you guys are thinking,  IT'S A SUNDAY...... I know. But I am just curious, Is there a standard number of times that a couple (married or otherwise)should have sex? I am serious here, Is there?

Recently, I met up with some friends at a bachelorette party . (You know what goes down at those things.... And do not ask about the strippers, I am still sweaty thinking about them).  Like all bachelorette parties when you throw in a bunch of women and alcohol the conversations always tend to get a little bit "unholy" (or in our lingua, gist dey bring gist). From nowhere Clara threw a question at Freda"how often do you and Julius have sex?" . Clara is fond of being straight forward, and the alcohol in her system didn't help.


We're so so so so so so so sooooo.sorry MIZ TEE for missing your birthday.Truth is,your Email came in as spam.The network has been a little unstableb(and annoying).So we didn't get to see it till about Five minutes ago.
So sorry dear.

Thursday, 27 August 2015


The Warlock was going to be a problem. Krouh thought as he stared at the four of them from the hill top.

Of course he knew Mallish was powerful,but he had never seen such a display of magic before.

The Black Warlock would have to die first.

Krouh was also a little disappointed.The Brotherhood had supplied him with lives for the past few days.Now they were all gone,save for a few wretched folks left in their village.

He sighed.The village was at least Five miles away and save for these four,there no more people in sight.

This was a problem.

He could feel a tingling sensation in his chest.The pain was close.He thought .

Monday, 24 August 2015


Princess Thari was Spirit Walking  again.

It was getting easier to do.She found it relaxing and invigorating.The past few days had been nightmarish and with the approaching Shetani horde, she  knew things were  likely to get scarier.

She needed to ebb the tide of panic rising inside her.

Spirit Walking helped her relax.She could walk through the hallways of the palace unseen.Everything felt clearer in her Spirit Form.Her senses were sharper .She could hear things on the far side of the palace.She quickly learnt to see and walk through walls.It was a neat skill for spying on people.She learnt to move at the speed of thought,covering distances in mere seconds.Once,she thought of what the outer walls of the Palace might look like,then in a flash,she was there.

Fear and shock gripped her when she realised where she was.She could see the soldiers running about with urgency as they set up the palace's defences.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


She looked behind her, watching out for movement. All was quiet and she walked on, trying her best to be silent. Her phone disrupted the silence, and she brough it out of her pocket and silenced it before registering the caller id.

"Hello Raine, what did you say you wanted on your birthday cake" Ifunanya asked.
“Hello, Ifunanya, let me call you back please. I am in the middle of something” she whispered quickly, before ending the call. She heard footsteps from a distance, and crouched low. The footsteps seemed to be ahead of her, so she followed silently.

The weather was too hot, and beads of sweat ran down her back. Her aldo boots are really dusty, and the thought of how hard it is to get dust out of suede hit her. she sighed and forged ahead. Nothing was going to stop her. not tonight.


"Where the f**k are we?"Fhuro said frantically looking around.They were in a clearing in the forest.In the centre of the clearing was a rock.A very wide rock.At the centre of the rock,was a pool of crystal clear water.

Fhuro could see the outline of a sword inside it.

A small part of Fhuro's mind took in all this in seconds.But a larger part,was plain terrified as he looked around.

"You're in another part of the forest" came Deveehle's voice.


Deveehle pointed towards the rock and said,
"There, is the weapon you seek"

Long pause.

Fhuro walked slowly towards the rock and stared into the small pool.The sword was clearer now.He could see the strange carvings on the hilt.

"Beautiful,is it not?"Deveehle said.

Indeed it was,Fhuro thought.He had never seen such a sword before.Its blade shone like crystals in the water.

"Yes it is"he said.

"No one really knows when or how it was made...."Deveehle was saying as he walked around the rock.

"It was made long long before the first gods were born.Trust me,I would know.I am after all one of the eldest"

Fhuro stared at the child in shock.
Deveehle smiled.

"I know.I do not look my age.Regular exercise and good diet I guess"

The attempt at humour was lost on Fhuro.He knew this child was dangerous.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


The four of them stared into the forest in silence.

'So...this Chuhks fellow is some sort of  bad**sed Wizard or something?'

"You could say that"Mallish replied.He still seemed a little dazed.

"He was the most gifted Wizard of all  the Six clans.He had ideas,strange ideas about magic.So strange,he frightened the High Counsel of magic.No other Conjurer had his skills nor zeal for the craft.But his arrogance  was their greatest fear"

"Wait.You mean there's a more arrogant-**sed Wizard than you?"Tsunda asked with an arched eyebrow.

The Black Warlock seemed to ponder on her question for awhile.

"I was not always arrogant.Long before any of you were born,I had a family.A wife and son."

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Ledum looked at the clock in her office, wondering what was so urgent that she had to drop everything she was doing in the office. But Baridor had sounded frantic on the phone few minutes ago.
“Come to Nina’s house, it is an emergency” she had said. What emergency, she had declined to say.Ah..well...!

 Knowing her twin, it could be anything or nothing. Baridor had only one setting; Hyper.

She was an exact opposite of Ledum, whom was always calm and digested events before reacting. It always amazed people how different the girls were. Even as kids, you only needed to looking for the one who couldn’t stay at a place to know which was which.

Physically, they were exactly the same.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


For two days they travelled.Finding rest and food where they could.

Their progress was slower without the horses.The heat from the  sun was intense.Even with the shade from the trees,their bodies were drenched in thick beads of sweat.Hours passed.

Mallish and Tonhye walked ahead,as Fhuro and Tsunda followed behind.

The bushes on either side of the narrow road were quiet.Offering nothing, save for the occasional rustling of leaves. Even the the insects were silent.No birds flew above them nor sang in the trees.

Saturday, 15 August 2015


"Oh f**k!"Tsunda exclaimed as she stared at his arm in terror.The wound was bleeding.

"I'm okay,"Fhuro managed as he gathered himself.

"....It's nothing,...just a flesh wound..."he said examining his arm.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


The two warriors continued glaring at each other.

The Man on his Knees, had a fearful look on his face.

Fhuro could not take his eyes off Tsunda's body.

Growing up in a whorehouse meant he had seen his fair share of naked bodies,but Tsunda's was heavenly, like something sculptured by the goddess of Fertility herself.
Despite the corpses and bloodied blade,he was mesmerized by what he saw.

He felt his loins fact he felt EVERYTHING stirring inside him.Truly,she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Mallish stared at the dead bodies and the two warriors with indifference.He cared nothing for Tsunda's exposed flesh.He had given up such Pleasures  a century ago.Sex always interfered with his magic a bad way.

"Go!"Tonhye commanded the Man.

For a few seconds the Brotherhood member had no idea to whom the Chief First Blade was referring.

He still remained there...frightened and confused.

"I said, GO!!!"Tonhye thundered.

The Man swiftly scrambled to his feet and ran away.His trembling body stumbling across the rocks as he did.

The two swords remained pressed against each other.

Long silence.

"You will regret that"Tsunda said with   rage in her eyes.

"The code is bigger than us......"Tonhye said calmly.

"....a true Blade  would know that.You do not deserve the breath it takes to call yourself a warrior"

Tsunda's face became a mask of Fury.

She screamed.

Then  attacked him.

Tonhye deflected her vicious blows easily as he backed away.His manner was relaxed....her's was not.

The clanging of metals filled the air as the Second Blade charged at him like an angry bull.

Tonhye ducked and shoved her with his free hand.

Tsunda stumbled on the rocks but managed to regain her footing.

"...awesome"Fhuro said under his breath as his eyes lustfully followed Tsunda's movements.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


They rode for a whole day,making their way East.

The journey was quiet, save for the thundering of hooves.

They were now outside the protection of the Wahri Clans.

Eventually, the horses could not go any further.They made camp by a lake known as Tonkihri.

Tsunda wished to go on, but Tonhye insisted that they rest the night.

The next morning,Tonhye took the protesting Fhuro to a clearing nearby to see if he could teach him the basics of swordplay.

It was an uphill task.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


All eyes were on Fhuro as he  stood silently in the middle of the throne room.

His eyes darted back and forth in confusion.
"What is your name?"Leratu asked

"I...I am Fhuro lady"Fhuro replied cautiously as his eyes continued surveying the wealth of the Throne room.

"You will address her as High Queen"Tonhye commanded.

"......I am.......... Fhuro Black,High Queen"He said awkwardly.

Long silence.

"So you are a  bastard....?"Leratu asked  softly.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Once upon a time there was a young man named Handsome. As his name implied,he was a handsome  man to behold.

He was in his thirties and badly wanted to settle down.But he had a problem....too many women in his life.

They literally came in all shapes and sizes.
Tall,short,fat,slim,ugly,beautiful,rich and poor.

He had a hard time choosing which was going to be his wife.

One night,Handsome said a prayer that went like this,

"Dear lord,please bring me a woman that is Perfect for me,all these girls are good but are lacking in certain areas.
Please help me....Amen!

That night, he had a dream.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


I don't know why People like me exist in the world... .Perhaps we are nature's way of striking a balance between normal and F**kup.

I know my tale may sound outlandish or crazy even.

But it's the truth.

It all started when I was Fifteen.I was involved in a car accident.

Relax,...nobody died.In fact,the most serious injury was mine.

I was thrown from the car and banged my head pretty good against a tree stump.

I blacked out  of course, and woke up a day later in a hospital to find my parents standing over my bed.

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Ibingo couldn't sleep.

There seemed to be an ongoing dispute between the various groups of blood thirsty insects hovering above her head.

" Don't scratch them. It only makes it worse"
Tarila always warned her. But she couldn't help it that night.The monstrous tiny vampires were heartless.

The compound was still.

And the weather was so hot, even the crickets were silent.

Sweat poured from her body in large beads, unto the wrapper used to cover the raffia mat.

 Ibingo was wide awake and wondered how Ibiso could sleep so soundly under such harsh conditions.

Ibiso lay by her on the mat, and hadn't stirred since she fell asleep over three hours ago.

Sister Priye 2

"So...uh." I began. His good looks were over powering. "" "Black." He replied. "Richard Bla...