Tuesday, 31 March 2015

KOLLUPIA episode 3

The Guy moved like a seasoned sprinter.

His pace never faltered.He was definitely military. Damiete thought as he tried to catch his breath.

The rifle Damiete had picked up from the dead Pott-bellied guy was heavy.He'd never held a rifle before.It just seemed Alien in his hands.

He could hear the labored breathing of his companions behind him.He would deal with  Opuwari later he thought.

Sunday, 29 March 2015


The smell of burning flesh filled the air.

 Damiete stood looking at the people with him.

Aside from Kadilo,Ebi,Opuwari,and Joe the bouncer, there were three other people in the group.

There were the skinny brothers Ben, Simon and a fat Girl named Ngozi.

They had been walking for almost an hour.

Everywhere they turned was death and destruction.
Dead bodies,burning cars and bullet riddled buildings.

Friday, 27 March 2015


I decided to say something about the coming elections.

And it's not because I'm out of stories or was too busy to come up with a decent plot.
But simply because I want to speak to my friends(Nigerians and otherwise).

I  believe in this country.

Because this is my home.I was born and raised here like a lot of people reading this.

Nigeria is a great country.

I don't believe one is called a Giant for nothing.

A lot of good things have come out of this Country; The Super Eagles,
Crude Oil,
Bole and Fish,


It was 5AM.

Ike walked briskly towards  the Pastor's house that morning.
Five times that week  had tried catching the Man of God at home, with no success.

This time was going to be different, he thought. He had woken up two hours earlier than usual.

His wife had already given him an earful that morning.

"Are you not a man?" she had screamed at him in the bedroom.

Are you his tenant  or landlord??.....biko. go and be a man"

So there he was, on the way to Pastor Bosco's one bedroom to collect the rent.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


 He splashed some more water on his face and stared at his reflection in the mirror.His eyes were red and he wasn't certain if the ringing in his ears was coming from the muffled sounds of the nightclub upstairs or from inside his head.

The alcohol in his system was raging.
He could feel it's heat surging through him like liquid fire.

He had to keep it together.He thought to himself.

"She's here because of you"Damiete whispered to his reflection.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


 Celestine had called over Two hundred Times.Oh!and did I mention that he had gone to inform the entire village that we were engaged?
My dear,the Guy more or less told my entire community that we had already fixed a wedding date.See me see trouble oh.
Since then he'd been calling me like some crazy stalker.
He'd call me and tell me how our children would be so beautiful, how happy we would be bla bla bla.

It was after he hung up that I got ANOTHER call.
It was a private number. As a general rule, I dont pick private numbers, but every experienced  Mistress knows,you don't ignore private numbers.A lot of new clients are cautious and so call that way.
Anyway, she told me my days were numbered.
she told me she knew everything about me.
She even knew the Number Plates of two of my cars.(which I thought was creepy)
She said she was going to deal with me.
She called me a whore and home wrecker.
She said first she would have me stripped, beaten in public......and then bathed in acid.
I was a little rattled by this.
When I asked who she was she simply said;
"This isn't a warning Amaka....it's a promise"
Then she hung up.

Monday, 23 March 2015


"Bae...Darego are you okay.?" It was Iris' voice. He opened his eyes to find her crouched by him. She had a worried look  in her eyes.
As his eyes opened, he felt a searing pain at the back of his head.
"What happened?" she asked as he struggled to sit up.
His head was pounding.
"I woke up and found you on the floor" she said
 Darego wasn't certain if she were serious.

Was that supposed to be a joke?"he asked.

"Why are you sounding so harsh,...what happened?" she asked defensively.

He stared at her for long time.

"You don't remember  standing by the bed stark naked and speaking some weird language?" he said staring incredulously at her.

She opened her eyes real wide.

Saturday, 21 March 2015


There was blood every where;On the carpet,across the overturned couch,on the shattered TV screen and even on the walls

Most of the furniture were either ripped, torn,broken or shattered.
By the fragments of center table was a bloodied severed finger.

It all seemed so unreal. Collins thought.
Nothing about what he was seeing made any sense.He'd had lunch and dinner in this flat many times before.
He fought back the urge to throw up. As a medical doctor, he had seen his fair share of blood and severed limbs.But this was different.He thought.
This used to be a home.Now.......... it was a slaughter house

On the far side of the wall was a picture of Chidi and Ngozi.They were holding hands and staring into each other's eyes.They both had smiles on their faces.

Collins watched as the Police carried their bloodied bodies out of the flat.

What had happened?He pondered as  more Policemen entered the flat.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Olukwu sat cross legged at the center of his shrine, as he busied himself with mixing of the potion.

His mind was focused on the job at hand. So focused in fact that he seemed indifferent to Pamela's singing outside.

In the past few days, her feelings for him had gone from infatuation to borderline obsession.Now she was talking about starting a family.To be fair, the concept of marriage terrified Olukwu. Even before his CALLING,he had hated it.He hated children. They were too noisy and smelled terrible.
The truth was he couldn't stand the company of a woman for too long.
He couldn't stand the company of ANYONE for too long.

Monday, 16 March 2015


The next morning Cynthia woke up to the sound of her Father's voice.

"Listen Esther, you are the Accountant.....DO IT!?" he snapped.

Cynthia had fallen asleep in his bedroom.She was too scared to be by herself.

Chief Amadi was pacing back and forth.He hadn't slept  at all that night.

She knew what he was thinking.

" Daddy,....this is a bad idea...we should inform the police...."Cynthia spoke softly. She could sense her father's OLD ANGER lurking about in his head.

He kept on pacing.She wondered if he had heard her.

"Daddy ....please"

"Cynthia I don't need a lecture right now....it's done. The money's on the way!!!!!"he snapped.And he kept on pacing.

"..daddy....... just listen, they.....they want you to deliver the money yourself,.....doesn't that strike you as odd?"

"When it concerns my daughters,.....my life,...and my money mean nothing " he said in a small voice.

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Joel drove away in  his red Camry.The car had been parked at the abandoned factory a day before.It was amazing how thorough Beatrice had been.

Weeks ago, when he'd first suggested the Kidnapping, he didn't think she would go with it.

He knew how much she hated her father...how she blamed him for the death of  their mother.
She'd been living with all that hatred for years but never considered doing anything about it.Until now.

They had been dating for about five months now.He hated her bossy-stubbornness but couldn't deny that she was a beautiful girl.

The fact that she was the First daughter of an Oil Mogul didn't hurt either.Joel knew that with his sort of background, there were only two options;Become a Pastor or a Criminal.

There was no in between.

Saturday, 14 March 2015


She froze as she stared at the nozzle of the pistol.

Suddenly her heart was racing, as all around her people were screaming.

In a distant part of her mind,she could hear the commotion of car tires screeching,people running and the sound of glass breaking.

This is it. She thought to herself.

"GET OUT OF THE CAR....,NOW!!!" came the loud voice from behind the gun.

Then she heard the gun shot.

It was a loud explosion that seemed to erupt from inside the car as she felt a vicious spray of warm liquid  on the side of her face.

She screamed and turned her head a split second before Clement's body was violently thrown against her from the Driver's side.

In the moments before she passed out, she saw fresh droplets of blood everywhere.The side of Clement's face was a large gaping bloody hole of shattered skull fragments and pieces of brain matter.
Oh My God! He's been shot. She thought just before she fainted.

Thursday, 12 March 2015


“You better not tell him.oh!.....Hian!......, are you crazy?” Tina said to Sara looking at her like she had suddenly developed horns.
 Sara sat down, and fixed her eyes to a  spot on the rugged floor.

“Sometimes you can sound so naive” Tina continued shaking her head.

“But I don’t think it's a good idea to keep it a secret, considering that he has told me all his own secrets” Sara said defensively.
Tina's eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she said;

“Who told you he doesn't have secrets? Some things are better left unsaid Sara. Men cannot be trusted. He will  use it against you one day. Trust me, have I ever lied to you?”She asked  as she sat next to Sara on the couch.

Sara shook her head “No you haven't” she replied in a small voice.
She suddenly felt very foolish for even considering it in the first place. That was why she had come to Tina. Tina was the only friend she had, and was wiser when it came to such matters.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


OLUKWU sat cross legged  in the centre of the shrine. His eyes were closed as he seemed to be in a deep state of meditation.Perhaps he was communing with the spirits or......

".....cause alllllll of me,....loves alllll of you" came Pamela's voice from outside. She was sweeping the entrance of the shrine as she sang her love song.

"My sunshine" her voice called out. Olukwu's face made a slight frown.

"Have you finished praying to the spirits?"her voice asked.

No answer.Olukwu suddenly seems lost in his meditation again.

"My sunshine!"she calls out again.

Still no answer.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Amaka stood in the center of the kitchen staring at her mother.
Two weeks ago,she was in the Bahamas.Having the time of her life with Kayode.She had to admit,it had been fun.
After all the drama with the baby, she had really needed a break.
She'd told Kayode she would stop at Lagos.Which he'd protested against saying how he loved her so much and  never wanted her to be out of his sight,bla bla bla.

It hadn't been easy.
Short of taking a blood oath,she'd promised him she'd meet him in Port Harcourt after she'd met with her Pastor in Lagos for a Three Day fasting and Prayer Session.

The last thing she needed was Dr Kayode Secretly following her to her village.
The thought of Dr kayode finding the location of her birth place was just scary.

Now as she stood in front of her mother,she was faced with the question most dreaded by Single girls.
"Tom-Tom,when are you going to settle down?"her mother asked leaning against the sink.
She had avoided coming to the village specifically because of that question.
She suddenly missed Ogechi(her kid sister) whom was at school writing her exams.Whenever Ogechi were around, Amaka didn't feel so lonely before Mama.....like she did now.
The two women stood silently regarding each other.
"Mama..,.,",Amaka began
"And don't give me stories about your job at the bank,just tell me when" her mother said.
Of course,Amaka couldn't tell her mother she was more or less whoring herself about in Port Harcourt.She'd often wondered how that conversation would go.
"Mama,don't worry I will marry as soon as I raise enough capital from prostitution.But even "AFTER" I marry, it is still my dream to run an international brothel of my own someday.I'm just believing God sha"

Monday, 9 March 2015


After she had told him to get out of the car,Deji stood on the Road helplessly watching his girlfriend   struggle to bring the White Range Rover back to life.
With each failed attempt,her frustration grew worse.
"CRAP!" he heard her yell as she desperately tried the ignition yet again.
This was bad.He thought.
Deji knew how angry Belema could get.  He knew she was going to blame him for this.

As the chill of the night breeze tickled his skin through his T-shirt,he suddenly wished he hadn't insisted on driving them back to the hotel that night.
He wished he'd just allowed her drive from the party But what else was he supposed to do?For so long,she'd accused him of not "taking charge" of the relationship.
Before they'd left the party that night, he could tell Belema was a little drunk.

He tried to blot out from his mind the fact that she'd been flirting with his friend Abu most of the night.She was drunk.He had convinced himself.........She was drunk.

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Furo woke up with a terrible headache. Eze's arm lay lazily on her waist .
The sunlight was streaming in through the windows that Saturday morning.
she slowly sat up on the and massaged her forehead.
"Next time.......",she whispered to herself,
"....don't dance so close to the speakers.....no matter how drunk you think you are."
The ringing in her ears just wouldn't stop.It felt like a small parade of drum beats and wild flashing images were going on in her head.
For the life of her,she couldn't recall how many shots of Vodka she'd had that night. Her last count was Six......or Seven(maybe Eight)she just wasn't sure.
Everything else after that, was a blur of loud music,cigarette whiffs,sharp taste of alcohol and bodies pressed up against her.
It had been crazy,she thought to herself, but it had also been fun.She hadn't had that much fun in a long time.

Friday, 6 March 2015


So much blood......His body lay twitching on the floor.I watched the knocked over bowl of egusi soup mixing with the dark crimson fluid that oozed out of Kenneth's opened mouth.

I couldn't believe how easy it had been.
'Heat up the soup and pour in the  small box  of broken razor blades.Serve the food, then stand and watch him die'.
I must admit, after years of "beatings" I honestly didn't think  I could go through with this.

Over the years, Kenneth had broken my ribs,dislocated my shoulder,broken my nose and Sexually Abused me more times than I can remember.
For months I had contemplated suicide, being trapped in this house with no one to talk to. not knowing when HE was going to return and not knowing WHAT he was going to do.It was a terrifying way to live.I didn't know if I had the strength to go on until  I'd spoken to Kingsley.
The truth is,Kenneth never knew that the contact saved as "Electrician" on my phone was actually his brother's number.


She's staring at me from the ground.Her bloodstained face, full of tears.I clench and unclench my fist..feeling the dark anger inside me rise again.
Then I hit her again....and again....and again until her screams turn to pitiful whimpers of pain.
"kenneth....please!" she says in a small voice as she hides her face in her hands.
I stand over her for a little while longer as the darkness inside me slowly subsides.
Maybe in a perfect world, I shouldn't have hit her. Maybe in a perfect world I should control myself more.But we don't live in a perfect world .
In the world we live in,She's my wife....A wife must submit to her husband.....or is that not what the Bible says?

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


It was a sunny Wednesday Morning.The tide was mild and as gentle as the breeze that swept across the hut. Olukwu sat at the entrance of the small hut enjoying a full Calabash of Kolanuts.He seemed oblivious to everything else as he blissfully chewed away.

came the voice of the spirits.

But the Native doctor seemed not the hear the beckoning  of the Spirits
"OLUKWU,.....YOU ARE EATING THE MORNING OFFERING!!!!"He ignored it.He began murmuring under his breath,
"...I..can not eat Kola...I cannot touch breast....we will see where you will chop offering this morning...."
"OLUKWU!!!!!!!" the voice was louder this time.

"Ekwa!!"He snapped throwing a piece of partially eaten kolanut to the ground in irritation.
"What is it...eh? what is it???" Olukwu rushed up to his feet combatantly as the wrapper almost fell off his waist.He grabbed the fabric quickly just  before it "exposed" him.
"Will I not eat my kola in peace again....eh?" he shouted towards the heavens.With his free hand, he pulled at an ear lobe in a warning gesture.
"..........don't disturb me this morning oh....if you don't want my trouble!"with that the angry  native doctor began picking up his Calabash as a group of Teenage girls passed by with Buckets of water.
They stared curiosly at the Chalk-Faced-Partialy nude man.Clearly they were wondering who he was shouting at.
"What is your business??....GETOUT" Olukwu yelled charging towards them.His sudden movements loosened  the wrapper  from his body,revealing his Manhood.The girls panicked and took to their heels but not before discarding their buckets...unceremoniously.
".....AND IF I SEE YOU HERE AGAIN,...I..I WILL IMPREGNATE YOU!!!" He yelled after the frightened girls,as he covered himself up again.
"Nonsense" he said still glaring at the fleeing Teenagers.
"....coming here to show me Nyansh"he murmured to himself as he returned to his hut.In his haste to harrass the girls,he had knocked over his Calabash.The ground was littered with his freshly peeled Kolanuts.
"Mtcheeew!" he went in disgust as he bent down(with a painful grunt) to pick his Kolanuts.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

UNREPENTANT MISTRESS PRT 7 amaka and her pregnancy!!

Amaka is driving her Black 2015 Jaguar XF through the streets of Gra.There's LOUD  Rock music Playing from the Stereo.
She seems lost in the euphoria of the rhythm.

Her phone RINGS.

She casually stares at the screen and SMILES.
Then she takes the call.

"Hello?"a male voice says.The boom from the speakers clearly hurts her ears.She winces and turns down the volume.

"Hello?" comes the male voice again,slightly impatient.
"Hey baby" she says with  some mischievous in her eyes.
"How are you feeling?"the Voice asks
"Well,..."she begins, as she turns into a new street.There's practically no traffic on the road.

"....the stomach pain is not so bad...and emm...the bleeding has reduced...but the headaches are still there and I'm still nauseous"she says.

There is silence on the other end.

"Hello.....are you still there?"she asks after awhile
"Yes I am",the male voice says.
"Okay,"Amaka says.

"Sorry,I just don't understand how people can be so wicked," the Male voice says with a hint of anger.

"It's okay baby.Thank God you were there to save me from that evil couple. I owe you....a BIG ONE...once I'm better" she says with a smile..

There's another silence on the other end.

Monday, 2 March 2015


Olukwu rises from his crouched position after Pamela left.Images of her cleavage still filled his head. Chai! The girl was beautiful! he thought to himself.He had wanted her for so long. Ever since Amaka had brought her here.Where was Amaka sef ?he wondered .clearly she had found another Juju Priest else where.
"These young girls are so ungrateful"He said out loud.After all, wasn't he the one who gave Amaka her first Charm? And what did he get out of it?Nothing absolutely nothing.Not once did she ever just say to herself "let me sleep here with this old man and ease his loneliness."LIE LIE!!!!!.All they know is; "give me,give me!!!!" They never think about him.
"Baba, I want children....."He mimicked ."Oh!...I want to be rich, I want him to love me......ekwa ekwa ekwa!"

 He adjusted his wrapper.It had been falling off his waist for some months now.
He remembered when he was a young man,before the SPIRITS called him to serve.He was quite "a terror" to girls back then.
He smiled at the memory.If it was that time eh?He would've FINISHED Pamela sharp-sharp.

And that's what they used to call him back then(when he still had friends)Olukwu "sharp-sharp".
Now, look at him.Alone and by himself at the age of......... Well.....to be fair, he wasn't really sure of how old he was.His last count was 43, but that was years ago.
As first High Priest of The Spirits, he was forbidden to have a wife or a child.When the time was right, The Spirits would send him an apprentice.As custom, he would teach this apprentice everything he knew till the day he left this world.
"Biko!he said out loud with his arms stretched to the ceiling of his hut.
"Let that day come soon...before I die of Loneliness"

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Olukwu, the Native Doctor was a smallish man with a slender frame.He was in his late Sixties,but the constant white chalk-mask he wore made it almost impossible to discern his age. 

 He stared at Pamela in silence as sounds of the rising tide from the nearby river filled the air.It was evening,which meant that the various groups of blood sucking insects were up and about.

She hated coming here for several reasons.First off,the Road leading up to the JUJU house was inaccessible to cars, which meant trekking through a thick  BUSH for about Ten Minutes and another Five Minutes of Muddy ground.
As always,by the time she arrived at the hut, her well manicured feet looked like they belonged to a refugee fleeing a civil war in her country.
Her second reason for hating this trip,was the way Olukwu the native doctor stared at her.He seemed fascinated by her boobs and rarely looked at her face.
He would lick his lips as he gazed hungrily at them.
She'd been coming here for Years and each time,she had to remind herself to wear clothes that didn't give the clearly lustful man anything to see.
But today was different.She had an emergency,which meant no time to pick the right type of top.In fact all she had on were a flimsy pair of shorts and a top that left very little to the imagination.
Her boobs were barely contained inside the revealing top. Of course this was a great source of pleasure to the horny-chalk-painted faced man.

Sister Priye 2

"So...uh." I began. His good looks were over powering. "Mr...um..." "Black." He replied. "Richard Bla...